Emergency Contact Information for Credit and Debit Cards
In the event your CKCU credit or debit card is lost, stolen, or subject to fraud, use the following contact information to report the incident.


Regular Office Hours Phone Numbers


      Contact our Main office at  (620) 663-1566 or  (800) 332-0778


After Business Hours Phone Numbers


      Debit Cards -  (800) 472-3272. For Outside the United States call collect  (614) 564-5101

      Debit Cards - Change or reset your PIN number  (800) 992-3808 

      Credit Cards - Our Call Center representatives are available to help you with credit card questions 
at  866-217-1538 or  605-782-3591 outside the US.

 Contact Information for Other Services


Online Member Service


     Bill Pay - (866) 998-6395       Virtual Branch Online Access Assistance - (866) 599-7547


      Hours - Monday thru Friday - 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM (CST)

                   Saturday - 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM (CST)

                   Sunday - Closed

 General Contact Information

Please note: Do not include specific information such as your account number or other identifying information as part of your e-mail.


Contact our main office with any questions you have at:


     Phone -  (620) 663-1566 or  (800) 332-0778  or   E-mail us at   ckcu@ckcu.org


     Main office hours -  Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm  


     All Office Locations - Contact information and hours of operation



Contact Name Contact Phone Contact Email
Jacque, President 620-663-1566 jacque@ckcu.org
David, EVP 620-663-1566 david@ckcu.org
Bob, VP 620-663-1566 bob@ckcu.org
Sharon, VP Loans 620-663-1566 sharon@ckcu.org
Crystal, AVP Operations 620-663-1566 crystal@ckcu.org
Diane, AVP Real Estate Lending 620-663-1566 diane@ckcu.org
 Member Services
Crystal, AVP Operations 620-663-1566 crystal@ckcu.org
Ashleigh, Supervisor 620-663-1566  
Betty, MSR 620-663-1566  
Loan Department
Loan Department 620-663-1566  loans@ckcu.org
Diane, AVP Real Estate Lending 620-663-1566 diane@ckcu.org
Janet, MSR/Loans 620-663-1566 janet@ckcu.org
Crystal, AVP Operations 620-663-1566 crystal@ckcu.org
Crysta, Loan Support  620-663-1566  
Pat (Wires/Western Union) 620-663-1566 pat@ckcu.org
VISA / ACH Processing
Joleen 620-663-1566 joleen@ckcu.org
Pratt Branch
Marsha (Supervisor) 620-672-5968 marsha@ckcu.org
Doris 620-672-5968  
Christina 620-672-5968