Central Kansas Credit Union

Loans & Credit Cards

Vehicle Loans

Whether your purchase is a new or used car, truck, or van, a boat, camper, or RV, the credit union can help you with affordable financing. If you have a pre-approved loan from your credit union you can shop with cash! In some cases 100% financing is available subject to credit information analysis.

Low Rate Auto Loans

Whether you already have your new or used car picked out or just thinking about buying a car, the Credit Union is the place to get your low interest loan. Without the pressure of a salesman over your shoulder, you can weigh your options, work the numbers, compare a lease versus a loan, and see what really makes the most sense for you. By starting early and getting a pre-approved loan, you can go into the dealership with cash in hand - - a real advantage when you're looking to deal.

CKCU also participates in the Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) program. With CUDL our members are able to purchase their vehicle from participating dealers and get their financing through CKCU without ever leaving the dealership.

Consumer Loans

A variety of consumer loans are available for just about any purpose, including computers, vacations, taxes, Christmas shopping or any item you may need or want.

Home Improvement Loans

A fixed loan secured by the equity in your home that is repaid over a specific term. It could be used for adding on to your home, new carpeting or even a new hot tub, you decide!

Automatic Loan Payments

Set up automated payments for your loan through either your savings or checking account at CKCU. Just let your loan officer know which account and when you would like the payment to be made.

Payroll Loan Payment Deduction

Many payroll departments offer automatic deduction from your pay for the purpose of a loan payment. They withhold the payment from your paycheck and send it directly to the credit union. Check with your payroll department or one of our new account representatives to find out if your employer offers this service.

Preauthorized Payments and Transfers (ACH)

We can help you authorize transfers (debits) from your account at another institution to your account at Central Kansas Credit Union to automatically make your loan payment. Just follow the instructions for completion and then mail or fax to our office. You can also complete a form at any of our office locations.

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Consolidation Loans

A consolidation loan from the Credit Union does just what the name says. It lets you consolidate your various debts into a single, manageable loan. So you can trade that stack of bills into a convenient single payment that's easier to manage.

Signature Loans

Signature loans from the Credit Union offers you convenient and quick source of funds without tying up your collateral. Signature loans are available for just about any purpose, including computers, vacations, taxes or even Christmas shopping.

Share or Certificate Secured Loans

The lowest rate available. Security for this loan is the balance of your shares or your certificate of deposit. As your loan decreases, the hold on the secured shares is reduced. Dividends on your secured shares are paid on the entire balance.

Second Mortgage Loans

2nd Mortgages are available to homeowners providing an economical loan based on the equity in your property. Homeowners can take advantage of their good credit and take out a one-time loan at a fixed interest rate. Loan proceeds can be used for home improvements, bill consolidation, vacations, tuition or purchasing a new vehicle. Interest on this loan may be tax deductible.

First Mortgage Loans

Buying a home can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you're in the market for a new home or would like to refinance your current mortgage, our CKCU mortgage expert will work with you to get the mortgage loan that best suits your needs.

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VISA Credit Card

You may apply for a VISA credit card through the Credit Union and take advantage of our Low Fixed Rate and No Annual Fee.

Payment Protection

As a Credit Union member, you and your family can have the valuable financial protection you need when you take out a loan. Payment Protection can reduce your financial burden and protect your family, your income, your collateral and your credit rating. Ask a Credit Union loan officer for the details.