Central Kansas Credit Union

Checking Accounts

Interest Checking Accounts

With a minimum balance of $1000 our checking accounts accrue interest daily. No monthly fee. No minimum balance. Write up to 50 checks per month with no charge. There is a 10¢ per check charge for over 50 checks written per month. You'll receive an easy to read monthly statement with all your account activity.

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Bill Payment Service

Now you can pay all your bills online. No more writing checks and no more trips to the post office. Just log in, tell us who you want to pay, how much, and when. It's that easy. You can pay individual bills, or schedule regular payments. It's all part of our continuing effort to provide your with the most complete financial services available. Our Bill Payment Servide is available from Online Account Access. Features include:

  • Pay Bills - Set up recurring one-time payments
  • Payment Calendar - displays scheduled and processed payments
  • Email Alerts - remind you of due dates and notify you when payments have been sent
  • Payment History - access up to 7 years of payment history and view transaction detail
  • Merchant Accounts - add, modify, or delete account information for individuals or companies (utility companies, credit cards, friends)

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