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XtraCash Short-Term Loans Now Available

XtraCash Short-Term Loans Now Available

Apply for an XtraCash Short-Term Loan Now at Your Central Kansas Credit Union.

Life’s little emergencies, like unexpected car repairs or educational expenses, can really mess with your day-to-day financial peace of mind.  Now, when you’re short on cash, we can help you overcome those emergencies with an XtraCash Short-Term Loan.  You’ll quickly receive the money you need to handle the little financial mind games life tosses your way.


In addition to helping you save money through XtraCash’s lower rate short-term loan product, available only at Central Kansas Credit Union, you’ll also receive the following added benefits:

  • Members can save even more with lower interest rates when they participate in a financial education program offered by Central Kansas Credit Union.
  • XtraCash provides a quick and convenient loan application process at our office, or you can apply online at https://getxtracashnow.com/ckcu/
  • Valuable and beneficial financial education from Central Kansas Credit Union becomes available to interested members, and serves to assist any member in getting out of the high-interest, predatory storefront payday lending cycle.

Requirements to Apply:

  • A Member of Central Kansas Credit Union.
  • At least 18 years old with a validated source of regular income.
  • Have an open and active checking and/or savings account.
  • Have a home phone or cell phone number.

What to Bring – First-Time Loan Only:

  • Most recent pay stub if employed.
  • Annual award letter if receiving Social Security or pension.
  • Utility bill or other printed mail for address verification.
  • Photo ID.
  • Most recent 30-day Credit Union statement.

Just ask for details!  We’ll be happy to help you with your XtraCash loan application, and some peace of mind, when you need a little Xtra.